Sunday, July 29, 2012

#1 Link Hat Crochet Pattern from The Legend of Zelda

Yes, This is still available. One does not just forget about Zelda.

My head felt lonely, so I decided to make a hat from one of my fav super heroes!

The pattern is very simple and anyone can do it. I've had teens make it and tell me they've loved it and elderly as well, who have made it for grandkids or themselves. :D The approx time to finish this hat is 2-4 hours depending on your speed. Thank you kindly!

I'm a total noob at crochet, and thus, I wrote this for total noobs.

It's very easy to understand, and doesn't look like you're trying to read a sheet of music. I explain things with actual words too, and you can always shoot me an email if you are confused. This is the easiest pattern on the web, and it's also the closest resembling hat to the real deal.

Super fun and easy to make pattern, and it's literally only 4.99 bucks. Starbucks coffee, or link hat for all time to come. It's dangerous to go alone! It is so cheap. I will only take payment via Paypal, and will email the pattern to you almost instantly. I always have my phone on me.

Not only is the fee a little bit of thanks, but it also goes towards something I've been saving up for! A Photography lens thats very 'pensive. D: But you'll be helping me with another of my hobbies.

If you have any questions though, feel free to contact me via my Facebook!

Use this button to purchase the Link Hat Crochet Pattern
 for only $4.99 right now.
It's usually something I sell for 10 dollars to people, so you're saving 50%!
This button is setup so that you can send 4.99$ to my paypal. If you want, you can leave a note saying what email you'd like me to send the pattern to.

I've sold to a small handful of people now, and everyone has been happy with the pattern, and I've even made a couple of friends for it.